Salsa Moto Ace SUL stem £29.99

Strong stem in many sizes

BikeRadar score3.5/5

It won’t be the first choice of weight watchers or fashion freaks but Salsa’s SUL is available in a super-wide range of sizes. 

The old skool steerer clamp shaft welded onto the forward extension isn't that light but it does its job without any distracting flex or twist. The bolts in the two-bolt ‘stiff upper lip’ face clamp are also big enough not to worry about snapping one. 

Where this stem really scores is if you want a reach and rise combination that’s out of the ordinary. There are some proper high rise options here for anyone who doesn’t want a stack of washers under their stem or who hasn’t got enough steerer tube left to gain the height conventionally. It also ticks the box of anyone still using 25.4mm bars.

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