Truvativ Team 3D stem review£24.99

Functional, simple & affordable

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Stems do a vital but fundamentally simple job and if you get the basics right they needn’t cost a fortune. Truvativ’s Team 3D offering is a prime example of low-cost functional simplicity.

It’s years since we first saw this smooth one-piece forged, mirror black finish stem with its initially worrying single bolt steerer clamp. However, we've used countless examples and haven't had a single problem, despite some pretty dramatic situations.

It’s not the stiffest piece around but it’s better than a lot of more expensive stems. The chunky H clamp front plate with reassuring overbite and chromoly bolts boosts confidence in terms of bar retention.

The 7050 TV alloy construction drops it to a very competitive cross-country/trail weight and there’s a titanium bolt option for pimpers. Even in stock form, it looks and performs a lot flashier than its £25 price tag would suggest, making it our clear value winner.

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