Geax Barro Race 2.0 Tyre £24.95

Rapid, featherweight cross-country race tyre

BikeRadar score 4/5

The 380g Geax Barro Race delivers a killer turn of speed for your next race, or you can just use it as a fast-riding summer cross-country tyre.

This is a fast, dry-weather tyre with low-profile angled tread blocks – but with no definite edges to the tread, they’re less like blocks and more like little rubber bumps.

The transitional grip is light but acceptable given the tyre’s dry remit, as are the low-profile shoulders which are good in their preferred terrain.

Stick to dry tracks or the race course and these tyres are all but untouchable for speed. Despite their very light weight, they’re not prone to punctures, either.

The small edge tread blocks do struggle to sideclimb out of ruts or across steep adverse cambers, especially if it’s a bit wet. They're probably not great if you’re a clumsy rider, as rim protection is minimal.

There’s a 550g model with Geax’s TNT 120tpi tubeless-ready casing, a 670g Tubeless version or the one we’re testing here: the race version at 380g.

We ran ours tubeless with a dose of Stan’s No Tubes sealant and have had no flats. Wear has been good, and since there are no sharp edges to round off, performance is the same as the tyre wears down.

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