Geax Sturdy 2.25in tyre review£29.99

Surprisingly slippery

BikeRadar score2/5

Geax tyres have a loyal following among riders in really rocky areas, but the Sturdy is surprisingly slippery, which works against it in the woods.

On the plus side, the hard compound and stiff carcass with closely-spaced centre tread rolls a lot better than expected for such a burly-looking tyre. The weight still takes some accelerating but keeps going okay.

The casing is really tough in terms of resistance to rock cuts and scuffs, and they’re hard to pinch puncture. The price is good for the likely lifespan too.

The hard centre compound and stiff casing means they’re bad on anything wet or slippery though. If you slide, it’s generally terminal and they hold onto mud for metres after every puddle.

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