Bontrager XDX tyres£32.99

Comfortable and predictable rubber

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Bontrager’s massive new tyre adds floated comfort and predictable drift, but the vast carcass means you need at least a 28mm rim to keep it stable, and it's too wide to fit in a lot of bikes.

All this air space gives it a remarkable amount of cushioning against impact punctures or general trail discomfort. You also get 29er-style rollover on rocks and roots.

A tight, tubeless-ready bead means you can run it soft with a tube or sealant for extra ground-moulding grip from the dual compound mixture.

It clears fast and there’s lots of rubber on the trail, so grip isn’t bad either, although it’s definitely a drifter rather than a directional tyre. It will tear apart if you skid too much though.

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