Geax Gato mountain bike tyre review£29.99

Quick intermediate tyre

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Geax tyres are always tough and long lasting, but the Gato is an impressively grippy and quick intermediate tyre for cross-country trail or race work. The low, tractor-style tread pattern of alternating sidebars keeps it clear in clag, and fast-rolling.

The thin, low-volume carcass cuts through gloop to find grip, and it’s fast and responsive compared to spikier wet weather rivals. The more aggressive, closely spaced side knobs give good cornering and off-camber bite.

The small size means there’s masses of mud room, though you need to keep pressures high to stop pinch flats. What surprised us was how it coped with random roots and rocks, with decent control despite a relatively hard, long lasting compound.

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