Hutchinson Toro 2.15in£30.00

Responsive, fast & floaty trail tyre

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Hutchinson has always made some great-feeling tyres, and the Toro is the closest it has to a good UK trail tread.

There's a lovely responsive and fast feel to the Toros and they're consistent: the same drifty grip in all conditions. They're expensive, though and there's no real edge for rough riders. One to consider if you're a smooth and subtle rider rather than a smash-and-grab speed merchant.

Toros arel on the fast and loose side, with outstanding carcass suppleness giving a lovely floated (almost tubeless) feel even in smaller sizes. Rolling speed and overall responsiveness are high, and they dip into and out of corners easily.

You’ll have to be ready to surf regular slides though, as they’re drifters rather than railers. However, they will try their best in all conditions, from dry to deepest mud, and the ride feel helps offset the high price.

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