Intense CC 2.25 tyre £30.00

Durable jack of all trades

BikeRadar score3/5

An old-timer in tyre terms, the Intense CC is a jack of all trades that promises decent durability. There’s no new technology here but Intense have a huge amount of downhill race tyre experience under their belt.

The big tread lugs with pockets in their flat tops grip well on rocks and roots without relying on a sticky compound. This means it rolls okay and lasts well if you leave it on all year round.

When it gets damp, it will happily dig into loose/wet dirt and clear quickly enough to keep up with all but the spikiest specialists when you’re pushing the pace. Well-buttressed side knobs let you carve corners or clamber round off-camber sections confidently, too.

Despite having no specific weave or carcass armouring, it shrugs off wounds well and the 2.25in carcass adds useful cushioning and control in properly rough situations. It rolls pretty well on road/hardpack too, and it’s well priced for the performance.

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