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The Intense tyres are good value and give long wear too.

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70.0 out of 5 stars

"Decent, fast all-rounder that lasts well but isn't super grippy"

Thursday, May 31, 2007 11.00pm By

Intense tyres used to be big, totally puncture proof beasts, but things have changed slightly with the latest versions. The mid-height tread is fairly well spaced so it can scrabble grip out of loose and mucky conditions without clogging, but its main advantage is rolling speed which is very good for a big, reasonably grippy tyre.

This is helped by the medium (60 duro) compound, but that does compromise grip compared to the really soft tyres here. The full soft compound FRO - 'For Racing Only' - versions are super tacky, dry, intermediate tyres, but they don't last long.

Big, almost continuous shoulder tread gives good cornering bite up to a point, and the tyre works well at low pressure, but the sidewall isn't as stable as some so it squirms and rolls when pushed really hard. Puncture resistance is just OK too rather than exceptional like the older Intense tyres, but the feel is a lot more fluid and communicative. The reasonable price and long wear life make it good value too, and the Intruder FRO is certainly worth seeking out for wetter months.

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DH EX 2.7
Intense Tires

Rubber Compound:
60 duro
Tyre Width Sizes Available:
2.35 In 2.7 In
Weight (g):

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