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"If you're after a fast rear tyre that lasts, this could well be it"

Friday, June 30, 2006 11.00pm By

Intense has never been shy of doing its own thing, and this uniquely treaded tyre produces some interesting characteristics. The super-wide, spaced tiny tread rolls well as you'd expect, but it also sticks well on firmer surfaces . It cleans really fast in mud too.

The lack of medial and shoulder tread means it sideslips dramatically under cornering - particularly in loose, loamy or wet conditions, so we'd be very careful of running it on front. The 'instant speedway slide' effect on the rear could make for a really fast bike setup, as long as you don't mind going sideways, that is.

The biggest advantage of this tyre is its toughness. While weight is middling, the minimal tread means nearly all of it is in the carcass, so it resists punctures, splits, chafing and ricochet damage really well - perfect for those who don't back off in rock-fields. The price is pretty decent too.

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