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The Nevegal is a great tyre in dy conditions.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

"Great value and protection; decent speed and impressive grip in most conditions"

Monday, April 30, 2007 11.00pm By

Kenda's Nevegal tyre has a bunch of awards under its belt. Designed by DH/XC legend John Tomac, it combines a relatively fast-rolling, ramp-fronted, mid-height tread with Stick E soft-compound shoulder tread. The result is a great dry/ intermediate tyre that glues itself to rock or root with equal tenacity, and paddles its way through muck OK too. The deep carcass adds impressive float and drop cushioning, and a rounded profile means it rolls into corners quickly and smoothly.

Edging grip and 'rail around' confidence isn't quite as good as some though. The relatively shallow tread and harder compound centre also start to slip and slide earlier than other tyres in typical UK conditions outside of summer. We'd definitely pair it with the more directional Kenda Blue Groove up front to combat sideways slither under braking once it gets wet.

The pricing is super keen though and there's a huge range of compound, sidewall and stickiness options to suit all types of riding.

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Nevegal 2.35 Stick E Folding

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1.95 In 2.1 In 2.35 In 2.5 In 2.7 In
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