Maxxis Minion F DH 2.35in mountain bike tyre review£29.99

Fit-and-forget hardcore performer

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The ‘DH Front’ tag and bewildering range of options might put some riders off the scent, but in terms of fit-and-forget hardcore performance for price in any condition nothing beats the Maxxis Minion F.

The design has been around for ages and like a lot of the best grippers comes straight off the downhill circuit. Unlike most noticeably grippy tyres, the mid-spaced alternating semi-directional-split and square-slope-fronted lugs roll well enough for efficient year-round use. They hook up as reliably on the back as the slower-rolling dedicated rear version, so we always run a pair of fronts as preference.

While the carcass is more like a 2.25in than a 2.35in, it keeps weight acceptable even in the more economical wire-bead version. The 60a rubber compound means you won’t struggle for speed on climbs or harder surfaces. It’s robust for its size too, with bigger sizes and downhill dual-ply options for belligerent riders

It’s the cornering performance that makes the Minion truly outstanding. There’s no clever dual compound but the L-shaped and siped square tyres rail superbly, with none of the grip gap or mid-lean lurch of Maxxis’s very popular High Roller. Any slide is very predictable and surfable too, with the Super Tacky version perfect up front for real turn-and-burn Mavericks.

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