Maxxis Rendez 2.1in tyre review£27.99

Lightweight cross-country rubber

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Maxxis have a vast range of ultra light cross-country tyre options but a rendezvous with their Rendez is most definitely a game of two ends.

At less than 500g, their acceleration is blistering but the small volume and fragile sidewalls increase the likelihood of pinch punctures. The long sloped centre knobs and tall shoulder knobs make it feel uptight and nervous on wood and rock.

As long as you keep it rolling it works very well on the front, in conditions where a rudder effect is needed (such as loose leaves, mud, snow or sand) for turning and line holding, but it does have a tendency to slide easily under braking.

When reversed there’s far less grip on the back for its surprisingly large amount of buzz and drag, so we’d keep it for the front only.

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