Michelin Mountain A/T Reinforced review£25.00

Good protection, but slow and slippery

BikeRadar score3/5

While it has impressive puncture protection for its weight, the AT is jack of All Terrains but the master of none. Its slow and slippery performance limits it to those rare locations here its tread pattern actually works.

The combination of widely spaced, well buttressed knobs certainly isn’t fast, with a definite growl and drag on harder surfaces. Despite their individual aggression, there aren’t enough knobs to hold on to traction either, resulting in a ride that’s only predictable in its slipperiness.

Cornering and off- camber grip is pretty non-existent, too, even on the soft-compound versions we’ve tried. On the bright side though, the reinforced carcass feels impressively sturdy and protected – it just deserves a more UK-centric tread pattern.

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