Michelin Wild Rock’R mountain bike tyre£24.99

Winter all-rounder

BikeRadar score1.5/5

Michelin have a new range of mountain bike rubber, but the aggro looks of this rock and mud all-rounder are let down by the basic, plasticky rubber compound. With its tall centre and shoulder rows of deeply siped triangular knobs, the tyre certainly looks super-tough.

As expected, mechanical traction on soft ground, wet grass and mulch is good, and it clears well when you get onto cleaner ground. The tall knobs roll okay in a straight line and the hard rubber compound should last for ages.

Unfortunately, that compound lets go violently as soon as the knobs hit anything hard, such as rocks or roots. A lack of intermediate tread means it feels sketchy on hardpack and really lurches into turns, further decreasing confidence. Hopefully, the Advanced versions (£39.99) will be much better.

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