Michelin XCR Dry 2 2.0in tyre review£23.99

Sketchy but affordable traction

BikeRadar score2/5

Michelin’s XCR Dry 2 is well priced, but its overall performance is inconsistent. With a centre tread that’s near continuous, a hard compound and a middling weight, it picks up speed relatively fast out of corners.

The carcass size and wraparound tread also give it a more floated and protected feel than some nominally larger tyres. This helps you push the pace off-road without getting rattled to oblivion, although it’s average rather than exceptional in terms of overall speed.

As a dry-specific tyre it rails well in loose or dusty conditions but the compound can let go suddenly in the wet. The more open, thinner knobbed intermediate/shoulder tread also makes it prone to squirm and spill traction when you start pushing it hard through corners.

This all adds up to a tyre that can feel great one day and unpredictable the next. The UST tubeless versions are heavy too, although the standard version converts with latex sealant pretty well.

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