Panaracer Cinder 2.25in £27.99

Durable & grippy in all conditions

BikeRadar score 4/5

Panaracer’s Cinder has been around for a while, but it surprised and impressed us throughout our testing.

Grip and durability is outstanding in typical technical UK conditions. While they're slow and rolling and pretty heavy under acceleration they're a great choice if you value dependable traction in any conditions over outright speed.

They’re definitely not fast tyres, though, with a growly feel and little run-on compared with more modern tyres. They’re heavy and slow to accelerate, too, but the added control they give often makes them faster in technical conditions anyway.

In fact, it’s their remarkable surefootedness that really stood out every time we rode them. They’ll plough and point and shoot through the filthiest conditions as well as most mud tyres.

Once you’ve cranked their square profile over, they’ve got a super-aggressive working edge for cornering and off-camber work. The tread-top micro-grip pattern and dual-compound ZSG rubber even sticks them better on roots, rock and wet wood step edges.

Sidewall reinforcement and large tread blocks give them noticeably boosted pinch flat survival, and the non-directional tread pattern can be switched to extend their life.

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