Panaracer Trailraker 2.1 UST tyres review£34.99

Aggressive traction

BikeRadar score4/5

The Trailraker is an out-and-out traction tyre. With a narrow profile and tall, angular knobs, it rips into and holds onto even the most slippery of British slop. 

Panaracer’s offering climbs exceptionally well and is superb on wet, slick off-cambers. It is UST-ready and has quite a thick sidewall, meaning you can get away with lower pressures for yet more grip, without risking the tyre folding in corners or getting sidewall tears. 

We ran them on a set of Mavic Crossmax STs with Joe’s No Flats goo, at around 30psi, and they excelled in the slick, clay-based mud around our UK base in Bath. To be able to ride usually unrideable trails and keep upright was a revelation.

The mud-shedding brilliance comes from a combination of multi-height knobs and centre square knobs that offer low rolling resistance and good acceleration. The downside is that the aggressive tread can clog in heavy, sticky mud.

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