Syncros FLT mountain bike tyre £29.99

Good choice for skinny frames

BikeRadar score 3/5

Syncros don’t have a full winter tyre, but the skinny, fast-rolling and durable FLT deals with damp conditions better than we expected. The low, multi-block tread gives an immediate rolling speed edge on the drier bits.

It never clogs either, so it’s a good choice for skinny fit frames. The consistent tread coverage from centre to shoulder means that grip is predictable at all angles too, and it slides and surfs controllably rather than slapping you down suddenly.

That’s particularly handy because the shallow tread means you’ll spend a lot of time sideways on this tyre if you push the pace in really wet, sloppy situations. The relatively hard compound means that rocks and roots need to be treated with respect too, but it handles drops and edge impacts well for a little ’un.

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