Syncros Point'N'Chute 2.35in tyre £24.99

Tough trail traction

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

Syncros tyres deserve to be on the radar of many more riders, with the Point’n’Chute being a particularly good set of boots for trail centre specialists.

The flat knobbles put plenty of rubber on the ground without squirming or distorting and the tyre is fast-rolling for its size. The rounded profile gives a very smooth lean into and out of corners.

The softer Stick It shoulder compound also increases adhesion to keep your ripping round rather than sliding out. There’s enough block edge to keep it connected in intermediate and loose conditions too.

This all makes it a cracking trail centre tyre, although properly sloppy mud will leave it slipping and sliding. It survives rocks and wears well too.

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