Tioga Psycho Genius mountain bike tyre review£29.99

Distinctive all-rounder

BikeRadar score3/5

Once-dominant tyre brand Tioga are coming back into the game, with their reversed compound logic creating a distinctive all-rounder in the Psycho Genius. The triangular tread knobs are an extension of the sipe idea that enables a knob to split and widen according to load, with a three-way tapered depth split designed so that each knob distends and increases area in the loaded direction.

The Psycho Genius feels grippier than a standard medium-compound tyre under straight-line braking and driving, even in really wet conditions. It’s predictable across rocks and random debris when it’s upright, and is also buoyant over impacts for its size. It rolls okay too. Tioga’s unconventional compound model means the harder side knobs slip on angled roots and wet rocks though, and leaning into corners is a gamble.

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