Tioga Red Phoenix Cyclex 2.0in £28

Fast, clean and supple all-rounder with decent dirty cornering

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Tioga's Red Phoenix is designed more for dusty, rocky conditions but ridden right it can stretch into winter pretty well.

The sloped bases to the small centre knobs mean that you've got to be careful not to donut round if you work it hard through the pedals or brakes in sloppy situations.

It rolls and clears fast though, so if you're smooth you'll be able to work with it. The intermediate and shoulder knobs are a lot sharper too which means that you can lean on them a lot harder once you get it onto its ears.

The densely woven Cyclex carcass is really supple and smooth riding, which means good 'wrap' over rough sections of mixed trail.

Generous dimensions for a 2.0in tyre help it to shrug off impacts and IT edges well for its weight too. There's a SRR 'Slow Rebound Rubber' version available for the same price which gives more mixed condition stick too.

It wears and tears a lot quicker though, so make sure that you toss up your priorities before choosing.

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