Tioga Yellow Kirin 2.3in £20

Cheap and cheerful dry conditions fat tyre

BikeRadar score 4/5

Cheap but cheerfully chubby tyre for endless summer fun. The Yellow Kirin is fat and floaty in the 2.3 size with decent dry grip. However, it's comically slippery in soggy conditions.

The small square knobs sticking out of round bases roll okay and grip well on loose or skittery surfaces. The soft rubber compound and the flop of the obese oversize 2.3in carcass connect well across roots and random rocks, too. 

Their sheer size sucks up rocks and drops, although they can bounce and squirm if you run them too soft. They also slide and spin comically quickly as soon as you hit any properly muddy/wet grass situations, so take it easy as soon as it gets soggy. 

You can’t argue with the price if you want to roll a fat one for the summer months, though.

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