WTB Prowler XT 2.3in review£30.00

Soaks up landings and big impacts impressively

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The new Prowler certainly manages to get its teeth into the trail very well indeed, with excellent grip and trail feel, particularly in the dry. It's definitely no fast featherweight, though.

At more than 900g even in this ‘Race’ version, and with a slow-rolling and growly tread pattern, it’s fair to say that speed is hard to gain and even harder to maintain.

Super supple, moulding feel and banded tread pattern make it impressively tenacious in loose or rooty/rockyconditions, though, and you can really brake and drive hard without it breaking free. There’s a bit of sideways slip when upright, but once over, it rails round outstandingly well. 

The oversize 2.3in carcass soaks up landings and big impacts impressively, although it tears up fast if you’re really pushing it hard.

A tyre for riders who value control and confidence over easy speed

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