WTB Weirwolf LT review£34.99

Serious tread width

BikeRadar score3.5/5

This monster balloon tyre has some dedicated fans on our test team but its soft compound carcass isn’t happy working hard.

With its bloated 2.55in width and matching depth it’ll only fit the biggest of frame gaps, but potentially delivers 650B/29er advantages to a conventional bike.

An initial reluctance to accelerate – which isn't helped by relatively wide spacing between tread ranks – is countered by extra momentum and reduced deceleration once you get it going.

Cue easy roll – helped by the low tread height – and remarkably anaesthetised smoothness over rocks, roots and steps, both up and down.

The seriously grippy DNA dual compound soft rubber makes for impressive mixed conditions traction from the low knob V-formation tread, which means it’s a great tyre for smooth and skilled riders who float rather than fight their way down the trail.

Braking and driving grip is excellent in rooty, rocky or loose scree and it clears quickly in damp, woodsy wallow holes. The soft 40 duro tread gives amazing cornering/off-camber adhesion on hardpack/rock, with a predictable, controllable slide.

The tall carcass and Inner Peace reinforcement mean it can take the knocks and it's fantastic for groomed trail centre descents. But the shoulders quickly tear apart, decreasing the value of an already expensive tyre. More aggressive riders will find that the huge carcass is unstable on all but the widest rims.

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