WTB Wolverine Race 2.2in tyre£41.99

Decent but too dear

BikeRadar score3/5

WTB’s fast and reasonably grippy round carcass makes a decent tyre, but the price doesn’t add up for single compound rubber.

The flattened arrow centre tread is a broadened version of the established WTB Weirwolf range and it rolls well for its size.

The rounded, lightweight casing makes it eager and responsive on the trail, and it’s got a buoyant feel at mid to low pressures.

Its intermediate and edging grip is good on looser ‘trail centre’ surfaces and not bad on damper/more random natural trails.

The outside lugs can slip if you push them too hard and the centre tread soon rounds off and tears. The carcass also gets stretch marks if you work it hard at low pressures.

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