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Michelin Pro Optimum 700X25C tyre

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"Useful extra comfort and debris protection without compromising speed or lively feel"

Saturday, October 1, 2011 11.00am By

With tyres like Michelin’s new meatier Pro Optimums you don’t have to give up on decent performance when the weather turns bad. The 25c sizing isn’t as big as some 25c tyres such as Specialized’s notably fat Roubaix rubber but it adds useful debris-shrugging volume compared to a 23c while still fitting in most frames.

Unlike most fatter ‘training’ tyres, Michelin haven’t gone straight to a cheaper, harder compound. The rear tyre uses a firmer rubber compound to extend wear life, but the front tyre uses a soft, grippy race compound that you’ll be glad of when the roads turn wet and dirty and you don’t adjust your speed accordingly.

This keeps the front tyre light at 218g, with the rear a reasonable 248g. This means acceleration and overall rolling speed is sprightly enough to enjoy your training rather than resorting to a slow turbo trainer tempting trudge straight away.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine.

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Pro Optimum 700X25C tyres

Weight: Front - 218g, Rear - 248g. Size: 25C

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