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Easton EA50 SL Wheelset

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"Fast, lightweight wheels hand-built to exceptional standards"

Monday, March 2, 2009 12.00pm By

Like all other Easton wheels, these are hand-built and it shows; the spoke tension was good when we got them and it didn’t alter a bit.

The V-section rims are 31mm deep, but despite that extra material the overall weight is still low here (753g front, 931g rear), resulting in super-quick acceleration. 

The hubs come with sealed cartridge bearings that are well shielded from the weather, while the high flanges add stiffness. 

You get 20 Sapim double-butted spokes up front and 24 at the rear; the front ones and rear non-driveside ones are radially raced, the driveside ones at the back are threaded two-cross. 

We really gave these wheels a thrashing on the nastiest road surfaces we know, but they were as impressively round and true when we’d finished testing them as when we started – a testament to Easton’s high build standards and quality control. 

With wear-indicator grooves in the rims and good durability, they’re great all-round road wheels.

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EA50 SL Wheel Set

Size: 700C - Clincher
Hubs: F-V2, R-V2 with new two tone shell and laser etched graphics.
Spoke Type:
Double Butted
Spokes Brand:
Front Wheel Weight:
Rear Wheel Weight:
Rim Description:
Rim Depth: 30mm Width: 19mm

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