Easton Aero TT road wheelset review£549.99

Aerodynamic aluminium wheels

BikeRadar score3/5

The Aero TT wheels are aimed at those seeking aero gains without a huge price tag. The 30mm deep rims and bladed spokes are standard aero tweaks, but the reduced distance between the hub flanges to reduce frontal area is a unique way to reduce drag even further.

The hub end caps are also shaped to create tiny aerodynamic fairings. Pull the wheels out of the bags provided, tighten the steel-shafted skewers and as you power up to speed, the rear wheel transfers power efficiently for fast acceleration.

The rear wheel tracks well through fast corners, but the narrow spacing of the front spokes means the front wheel flexes noticeably when cornering, and lack of stiffness is felt when climbing out of the saddle.

These wheels save you a few watts when riding at 25mph compared to similar wheels, but their flexibility means they aren’t our first choice for technical courses.

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