Easton XC Two wheels £299.99

Sturdy but slow cross-country wheels

BikeRadar score 3/5

This is the budget version of Easton's bling £499 XC One wheelset, but with less money comes more weight.

It certainly looks good with an angular rim joined into square block hub seats for the 24 straight-pull Sapim spokes. Straight gauge spokes add weight though, even if overall stiffness and sturdiness is good. The chunky rims are happy cradling tyres up to 2.35in.

The steel freehub body is also proving durable so far, with totally silent running that’s great for singletrack stealth missions. No complaints about the sealed bearings either and our year-old XC Ones are still going strong.

With only two driving pawls there’s often noticeable hesitation before pick up though and weight is high for the price.

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