Momentum Boulder XC mountain bike wheelset£129.90

High value 15mm axle ready-mades

BikeRadar score4/5

These new ready-made rollers combine Mach 1 rims with an Acor front hub and Shimano's 15mm axle Deore unit at the rear.

The mid-width 25mm Sub Zero rim (a fatter freeride version is also available) is stiff and strong enough for hard trail use without breaking the 2kg wheelset mark.

It’ll shoulder up to a 2.35in tyre without toppling and the 32 tightly laced, double-butted spokes are a nice touch at this price.

It’s easily the cheapest 15mm axle wheelset we’ve seen, making it ideal if you want the latest fork security and stiffness technology.

The Acor front hub has behaved itself and the cup-and-cone bearing Deore rear should reward regular servicing with a long and happy life.

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