Halo Aerorage road wheelset £200

Great set of road wheels

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

Halo, the in-house brand of Ison Distribution, is best known for its hardcore off-road wheels, but it makes three sets of road wheels too. The Aerorage is the entry level model and it combines a reasonable weight with plenty of strength. 

The lightweight Halo 6Drive series hubs are great, with ultra-smooth sealed bearings, although the splines on the aluminium freehub body did soon develop small notches from our cassette; thankfully, they didn’t develop into anything major. 

The 25mm-deep V-section rims arrived pretty straight, built up one-cross with 24 double-butted spokes at the front and 32 two-cross at the rear, although both lost a little spoke tension and went slightly out of true – nothing too major. 

They’re quick to pick up speed and rigid enough to hold their shape when you get physical, but not to the point of feeling harsh – a pretty ideal balance. Quick-release skewers don’t come as part of the package. 

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