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The Excite-R is an adaptable setup, and a good price too.

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70.0 out of 5 stars

"Tough rims and good hub versatility but variable freehub lifespan"

Friday, June 30, 2006 11.00pm By

Halo's Excite wheels have been a solid all-round choice for a few years. The new Excite-R loses weight but gains serious multi axle versatility. The rims are well proven, tough hoops, and while they're a relatively thin 23mm width, their semi-aero profile gives them impressive strength.

They've got a machined braking surface for rim brakes too, as well as a durable hard anodised and laser etched finish for premium looks.

The new double butted Halo Pro spokes have an extra tough black 'anti scratch' finish too, so your wheels won't immediately look trashed as soon as you drop your chain into them. Sadly, the freehub on our first example didn't survive so well, barely making it beyond two months of singlespeed stress under one of our high mileage testers. We've got a set under a king-sized freerider running fine though, so maybe we were just unlucky first time. But they are fairly light, making this a versatile, fair priced setup if your freehub holds up.

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Wheel Size:
Brake Compatibility:
Disc Brake V-Brakes
Front Hub Brand:
Spin Doctor
Rear Hub Brand:
Spin Doctor
Grey anodized rims with black 14/16 gauge stainless spokes.
Front Wheel Weight:
Rear Wheel Weight:
Rim Size/Diameter:
Rims Brand:
Available Colours:
Graphic Design Grey
Alloy Stainless Steel

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