Hope Pro 3 SP-AM4/Stan’s ZTR Flow wheelset £385

Strong, light and pimp

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Pro 3 hub has been around for a while, but Hope’s new rim menu gives this wheelset's performance a boost.

The straight-pull hub gives a noticeably stiffer wheel than conventional J-bend spokes and the stainless steel bearings are longer lasting.

The unique four-bolt rotors save 30g per wheel over typical six bolts, dissipate heat better and warp less in mountain situations.

Add Stan’s light yet strong and stiff 28mm wide, low profile ZTR Flow rims and you’ve got an accurate, smooth, tubeless-convertible wheelset still weighing under 2kg. With universal axle compatibility and the rims costing £80 each, the full package is a bargain.

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