Hope Pro II/ DT 5.1 wheels £285

Quality handbuilt midweight wheels

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

Hope hit an absolute winner when they teamed up with DT Swiss and started building complete wheels. The 28mm wide DT5.1 rims increase stiffness and tyre volume. The edges are a bit soft - watch the lips on sharp edges - but the handbuilt quality means we’ve yet to knock one out of shape despite years of daily abuse.

Pro II hubs are legendarily long lived, with tool-free axle-switching to any front or rear standard (including the new 15mm). Thirty-two DT Comp spokes have kept our test wheels tight despite a thorough beating.

Pricing is also excellent and spare spokes and stickers are included to keep them sweet, which leaves the noisy freehub as the only potential gripe. 

Weight fiends should check the new SPAM wheels (£350) with unique four-arm rotors and straight-pull spokes to minimise mass.

Different colours and 150mm rear versions are only available in separate hub pairs.

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