Hope Hoops Pro III SP AM-4 wheelset £350

Straight-pull CNC goodness

BikeRadar score 4/5

The Hope Hoops III SP AM4 wheelset uses a 32-hole straight-pull spoke layout in order to create a stiffer wheel with more accurate tensioning and a reduced chance of breaking a spoke.

In the past, we’ve noticed that straight-pull setups have been built with so much tension that the wheel actually becomes weaker, but the Hope hoops are well built and have a stiff – but not solid –build, allowing for that all-important flex.

The hub features a four-bolt flanged setup fitted with a Hope disc rotor. This is lighter and stronger than a regular six-bolt setup because the bolts are closer to the braking surface, reducing flex and damage from knocks.

The wheels are well built on the newer and stronger DT 5.1D rims, which will suit all but the roughest of riders, with quality DT spokes. They weigh about 950g up front and 1,100g out back, so they’re light enough to ride, but strong enough to thrash.

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