Kore Torsion EX sealed bearing wheelset £230

Wide, durable and affordable

BikeRadar score 2.5/5

The new Torsion is a usefully tough mid-price wheelset for big-tyre fans. The sturdy 28mm wide rims will take tyres up to 2.4in without squeezing them too thin at the base, and so far they’ve handled the intensive course of abuse we’ve thrown at them without complaint.

The 32 straight gauge spokes add weight but eliminate potential weak spots which more aggressive or careless riders will be glad of. Build quality is good for a low-cost wheel too, so we haven’t had to get the spoke key out yet.

The wheels come configured for a 20mm axle at the front and with a chromoly quick-release skewer (111g) at the rear. You also get a push-in end cap for quick-release use.

The steel freehub and bearings are running fine so far and the comically named ‘Chastity Belt’ rim tape is included as standard.

We’d rather have a conventional bolted mount for six bolt discs, though, rather than the quicker to use but potentially more catastrophic lockring and six-stub design.

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