Lightweight Standard III tubular wheelset£2,560.00

Amazing stiffness to weight ratio

BikeRadar score4/5

The radical-looking Lightweights are actually lighter than the best conventional opposition, but their on-road responsiveness is outstanding.

As the name suggests, these Standard IIIs are the third evolution of Lightweight's more affordable tubular road wheelset.

The radical, full-carbon construction, handmade in Germany, runs fibres straight through the lens-shaped carbon spokes from rim to rim.

This not only makes them very light, but also incredibly stiff. Even initial cynics commented on the very obvious increase in cornering accuracy and power responsiveness compared to conventional wheels of the same overall weight.

Aerodynamics and speed sustain are good too, and the shock absorption from the full-composite construction mean they’re not uncomfortable either.

We used the lightest 16/20 spoke setup, but various other spoke options (16/24, 20/20, 20/24) are available for heavier riders. Each wheel is chipped for total build quality control too.

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