Mavic CrossMax SLR Disc wheels review£657.00

Lovely but pricey off-road race wheels

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Instantly recognisable, the red and black CrossMax SLRs are far more than just a fragile whippet wheel – if you can afford them.

The thick Zicral spokes, machined UST tubeless rims and fat red hubs are either gaudy or gorgeous depending on your view. While they’re not the lightest there’s no denying their impressive stiffness and overall strength.

There’s a big lag in power pick up for a race wheel though and the freehubs don’t last long before they start demanding servicing and spares replacement.

Pimp ass titanium versions of Mavic’s fantastic quick releases and huge wheelbags are included, but the more demure and marginally heavier SLs are better value at £595.

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