Mavic Crosstrail mountain bike wheelset review£322.30

Great tubeless wheels

BikeRadar score4/5

Mavic’s mid-price wheelset shares the killer looks of the company's more pricey Crossmax wheels, but performance is less exciting.

They’re certainly a sturdy set of rollers and the tough black/silver machined rim bed and fat bodied block flange hubs look ace. The 24 flat-bladed steel spokes are also proving tougher than the 'Max alloy versions. 

They’re stiff for their category and the rims are UST tubeless ready as standard. Mavic were instrumental in developing the whole UST tubeless standard so it's no surprise they makes the best sealing systems around.

 At 1,810g, overall weight is slightly high for the price and the quick-release levers feel and look cheap. From experience the freehubs are slow to engage and  need regular TLC and occasional new bits to keep them sweet.

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