Mavic EX823 rims/Burgtec hubs wheelset review



Mavic EX823 rims/Burgtec hubs Wheelset

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"Soft body, high price and nipple niggles but otherwise strong, stiff and responsive"

Friday, July 31, 2009 3.00pm By

Burgtec’s kit is among the best there is – add Mavic’s most advanced rims and this wheelset is a belter.

Mountain Biking UK's Doddy fell in love with Mavic’s tubeless EX823 rims in Whistler last year. They’re not cheap (£73 each) and the unique cradled nipples need Loctite to stay put, but they’re incredibly strong.

The tall hub flanges mean you can use shorter spokes to create a very tight wheel, maximising the 150mm width spacing benefits. They’re light for a big body unit as well.

We went through a set of the super-smooth German bearings on an early rear hub fast, but this set has been fine and the fronts are well sealed. Make sure you really tighten your cassette down though, or the splines can scar.

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EX823 rims/ Burgtec hubs

Rear Hub Spacing - 150mm
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Mavic EX823

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