Nukeproof Generator All Mountain II wheelset review£244.98

Sturdy rollers

BikeRadar score3/5

Nukeproof’s repackaged all-rounders are a solid wheelset once the initial stiction we experienced was sorted out. These wheels use a rebadged Sun Ringlé MTX 29 rim that we’ve been running for years without any issues beyond the occasional bend or dent. The rim will take a tyre up to 2.4in.

Their sturdy weight is slightly offset by the fast-reacting 30-tooth engagement clutch on the Generator rear hub, but they’re still steady rather than lively. We had to degrease the pawls to get ours to engage reliably at first too, but strip-down is easy thanks to five sealed bearings out back.

The front wheel is quick-release- and 15mm-compatible with the right adaptors, and a 12mm through-axle kit is available (£28), as well as a yellow ‘Mavic Deemax-alike’ version.

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