Pro-Lite Gavia tubular road wheelset£949.99

Carbon tubs

BikeRadar score3/5

These eye-catching wheels are a decent choice for powerful torque-conscious riders, but not for hilly courses. The unidirectional carbon rim is a decent piece with good rigidity and the spokes anchor into the base to keep them short and tight.

The bladed spokes hook into the big machined flange hubs at a very oblique angle to give a noticeably tighter feel than most when you stamp on the pedals. High weight dulls acceleration though, and they soon feel dead on hills once momentum has faded.

The hooked (rather than threaded in) spoke/hub interface, plus the big flanges also makes them relatively soft and flexy sideways. Add the weight, and they’re not a big fan of sudden direction changes.

As long as you check spoke tension after bedding in, bearing life and general reliability on Pro-Lites we’ve used has always been good, and skewers, blocks and wheelbags sweeten the deal.

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