Profile Altair 52 clincher road wheelset review£1,199.99

Full-carbon build

BikeRadar score3/5

Profile have only just added wheels to their portfolio, but this reasonably light full-carbon clincher set make a decent, if not astonishing, first impression. Although they’re a brand new set-up, Profile have stuck to narrower, slightly elliptical rims for this 52mm-depth duo. The full-carbon build saves weight over carbon/alloy hybrid wheels but also adds cost, and braking isn’t as consistent, particularly in wet weather.

They’re not as controllable in changeable wind conditions as the latest fatter shapes either, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the forecast rather than leave them on regardless. The hidden nipple build, with deeper-than-average hub flanges, is nice and tight, so they feel responsive on the road. Matching your wheels to the Profile aero bars and drink systems will appeal to the ‘collar and cuffs’ kit brigade too.

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