Reynolds DV46 T UL tubular wheelset review£1,699.00

Carbon tubular choice

BikeRadar score4/5

Reynolds have been pushing the carbon fibre envelope at the top-performance and top-value levels for years now, and this agile and crisp-feeling wheel is a lightweight bargain.

The 46mm-deep high modulus carbon fibre rim uses a narrow profile to slice the wind with minimal weight penalty. Tight-spoking and low weight makes it precise and obedient into turns.

Acceleration through the DT Swiss ratchet hubs is immediate, and inspires an attacking approach. Comfort through the conventional spokes is reasonable. Braking performance is good, so it’ll descend as aggressively as it climbs.

A 20/24 conventional spoke pattern spreads loads and DT hubs have a great reliability reputation. There’s also an accident protection plan for US$200. Wheel bags, titanium skewers and brake pads are included, so it’s a well-priced package.

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