Shimano WH-7850 tubular wheelset review£1,719.98

Strong tubs from the big S

BikeRadar score3/5

Ajustable Borozon bearings behind double labyrinth seals and a fast-acting titanium freehub put Shimano's Dura-Ace hubs on top in terms of durability and reaction speed.

Bladed spokes set into red anodised nipples on the rim base increase speed and aesthetic appeal. Dura-Ace skewers are beautiful to use, and you get wheel bags as well.

The 50mm deep unidirectional carbon rim is tough, and the wheels feel surefooted on the road. They’re both precise through potholes and comfortable over long-distance rides.

But their heavy weight coming out of corners hard or pushing it on climbs is obvious compared to price competitors. Despite their sweet spinning hearts, Shimano’s current top wheels are still off the pace.

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