Shimano XTR wheels review£539.98

Tight, light wheels, but rims need care

BikeRadar score4/5

Shimano’s flagship wheels are similar to the less-expensive Deore XT model, but with optimal materials that reduce weight to pro class levels.

For a start the buttressed rim is Scandium alloy with 24 equal-spaced, super tight, but super skinny double-butted spokes threading straight into the hubs. They’re impressively stiff in use and come UST tubeless compatible as standard - they work fine with regular tyres too.. They haven’t got the best reputation for surviving wallops unscathed though.

They're sensibly trim rather than the lightest around - 700g for the front model and 845g for the rear one. Angular contact bearings support heavy lateral loading and the quick-release skewers are as light, classy and efficient as Shimano skewers have always been. Double-bearing, grease-sleeved seals keep crud out of the hubs and hold grease in.

The hubs are gorgeous however, with the fast pick up from the almost silent running titanium freehub. The fully user serviceable Shimano bearings are superb. Aluminium axles keep weight down and XTR Centerlock rotors are 30g lighter than Deore XT.

Wheel bags are included.

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