Sun Ringle Charger wheels review£319.99

Tough but bling wheels

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Based around a mix of new and old components, the Chargers are great, buff and burly all-rounders.

At just under 1,900g they're at the lighter end of things, but Sun’s new low, mid-width Equalizer 27 rims also seem pretty tough considering the thrashing we’ve given them.

The double-butted Wheelsmith spokes work well, helping to keep the weight down but stiffness up.  

The 20mm version gets the Dirt Flea front hub, with an equally established Dirty Flea rear, and both used sealed bearings behind big metal flanges.

The fact we’ve got 10-year-old Ringle hubs still going is a good sign as well – expect to service them regularly though.   

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