Syncros AM DS28 mountain bike wheelset £379.98

Solid all-mountain choice

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Syncros’s AM DS28 wheelset has been around for a while and has proved to be super-strong. It only suffers on comparative pricing.

The DS28 rim is essentially the same very stiff, deep-section rim as Halo’s Freedom. Syncros’s scalloped Bead Lock inside edge is designed to keep flat tyres on until you’ve stopped, which is useful on techy or fast descents.

The 32 DT Swiss Comp spokes and Syncros FL hubs are light, although the heavy rim means they still take some turning. They can still carry a lot of speed through sketchy stuff.

Pick-up and sealing is okay and they’re rock solid however long you hammer them too. The front hub can be converted to 20mm or quick-release, with 15mm axle compatibility coming for 2011. Matching white skewers are supplied, but the overall price is high.

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