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XLab Disc Wheel

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"Climb-light wheels built on sound engineering"

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 11.00pm By

Disc wheels are allowed for time trials and triathlon and tests have shown that they create slightly less drag than a spoked wheel at speeds exceeding 25mph. The XLab is available in sprint or clincher version and has a lenticular (lens shaped) surface that provides greater stiffness for the starting effort and is less affected by side winds than a disc wheel with flat sides.

It's not the lightest disc wheel available but in most cases low weight is of little importance to time triallists and the outer shell is tougher and better able to withstand casual knocks than most. The round aperture for inflating the tyre is just sufficient for attaching a right-angled pump chuck that can be had for a few pounds at your local bike shop.

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Disc Wheel

Wheel Size:
650C 700C
Lenticular shaped clincher or sprint disc wheel. Weight and price is per wheel.
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